I am really missing my kids lately. My son is now 22 (yikes) and my daughter just turned 21 (unbelievable). It’s hard to believe that they are moving on as young adults, one almost done with college and one new grad that has begun his young career in the work force.

It seems like just yesterday when we were racing around every weekend like crazy people, stressed out and frazzled. I was always wondering how I was going to ever recover from all of the time away from home, all that had to be done before work on Monday, etc. It felt like my house was always a post bomb war zone, never organized enough, always tired and anxious. So much to do and so little time.

But you know what, after all of those years of “racing” around and sitting at endless sports events, I would go back to it in a second. I know this sounds totally cliche, but it is the truth. If I were a young mom, I would probably be rolling my eyes while I was reading this. I remember people telling me as a young mom, “Enjoy those kids!” And me thinking, “Are you crazy? I haven’t slept in 2 nights, they have been fighting non stop for the past day and my daughter just tried to flush her blanket down the toilet and God only knows what that will cost?”

But the time really does fly, even though you may be feeling in the trenches as I did. Looking back I am so glad that I was always there when I could be and that really was what mattered most. The sports or activities meant everything to my kids as they were growing up and that one of us was usually sitting there cheering them on meant even more.

It was all so important because it didn’t mean they were Olympic champions, but it most definitely helped teach them so many valuable life lessons. To be on time, do your best to your ability, be competitive, be a gracious winner and a good sport when you are not. It also taught them that we love them win or lose, that we will show up too no matter what.

So now looking back, there is still always dusting that needs to be done and I have plenty of time to clean and organize my house and even sleep in on the weekend if I choose, but my kids have just about moved on with their lives but have taken with them a whole bunch of incredible memories from all of those crazy, insane weekends.

So yes, cliche I know, but really do try to enjoy them while you have them because they really are only passing through.

Hoping you have a great racing around weekend.


Kindness Always

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